Our Abundant Blessings

(an Evangelist's witness)

What do you like? Are you one of
those people who thinks a golden sunrise
is the most beautiful of all? Or perhaps
you prefer the warm red glow of the
sunset? No, then maybe you prefer the
beauty of the mountains as rays of light
reflect off snow capped peaks. Maybe the
greens of a quiet lagoon are for you, the
blues of ocean surf or the multi-hued colors of meadow covered in
The lot of them, Monet, Boticelli,
O'Keefe are all thieves. All forgers
trying to steal a piece of time from the
view of what was created. They tried
to copy the light they saw, the colors,
the shapes, the blending. They tried
to copy the style of God, the style of
creation. They have all been students,
some of them did capture the
moment they saw, the moment given
to them, from God, the Master

Bruce Carter, Evangelist
flowers. Many is the painter who have tried
to capture all of these scenes. They have
worked for hours to get just the right shade
or laid on their back looking at a tree to catch
a nuance like O'Keefe did. Many painters
have developed followings and started a style
that is easily recognized.