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Rio Grande Mission Center — Community of Christ

We proclaim esus Christ and Promote Communitie of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace.

Calendar of Events

Contact us if you would like more information or would like to attend one of our events.

Feb 15-18 - Youth/Young Adult Snow Retreat at Pagosa Springs/Wolf Creek, CO

May 2-3 - Work Day at SMR (Canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions)

June 7-13 - SrHi Camp, Sionito, TX (on-line only)

June 21-27 - Jr Camp, Sionito, TX (on-line only)

July 5-11 - JrHi Camp, Sionito, TX (on-line only)

July 11-15 - RGMC Reunion, SMR (Cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions)

July 18-25 - Spectacular: Graceland Univ., Lamoni, IA (Cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions)

August 14-16 - Leadership Retreat, SMR

Sept. 18-20 - Women’s Retreat, SMR

Nov. 7-8 - Mission Center Conference, Clovis