From John and Melina Williams
May 2017

Dear friends,
We thought we would update you on
John's health journey and share the results
that we have received. We recently
returned to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,
Minnesota for follow up tests to find out
the results of the surgery that was
performed in January.

We are happy to say that the scans and
other tests show no evidence of cancer

and that his PSA is at 0. While this is extremely good news and we are very thankful, John continues to deal with some healing issues that the doctor says "it will just take time".  We're definitely having a lesson in patience!
We want to thank you for all the prayers, words of encouragement,  and support that have been expressed. They have been a source of  strength for us during the last several months. God has touched our lives not only with strength but with a deep sense of peace and
knowledge that we were not alone. Praise God for our loving community!!

John and Melina