The Rio Grand Mission Center is part of the world wide Community of Christ whose international headquarters are located in Independence, Missouri.

We have 9 basic beliefs that we call our Enduring Principles

"The Foundation: God, Christ, Holy Spirit, God’s revelation in Jesus Christ and continuing presence through the Holy Spirit, as proclaimed by scripture, is the foundation of our faith, identity, mission, message, and beliefs.
We do our best to uphold these principals (values, concepts, themes) as a faithful response to our heritage and our continuing experience with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit

Enduring Principles
  • Grace and Generosity
  • Sacredness of Creation
  • Continuing Revelation
  • Worth of All Persons
  • All Are Called
  • Responsible Choices
  • Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Blessings of Community"
  • Unity in Diversity

Photo taken by Apostle Art Smith, Council of Twelve and used with permission.