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While you are looking around be sure to check out our message from the Mission Center President.

For those of you who missed it. 

 Here is a clip of a Reunion sermon given by our visiting minister President of Seventy Karin Peter..

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Special Message from the National Council of Churches.

See a special message from the National Council of Churches, the the Mission Center President wanted to share.

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 "...the world church launched a new page on the world church web site. I'd like you to take a few minutes to look at it, but even more, please publish this for your people to look at. It is . The dfg stands for disciple formation guide. A very quick glance at this page and you'll shrug and say, "so what." When you start to look closer and see see the tabs along the right side, and click on those, and then the tabs that follow, you'll see how extensive this is. What is it for? Help in discipleship formation. It can be used to explore what we believe, or for personal enhancement, or for class work. It has areas for adults, for youth, for children. It has topics such as peace, our history, the enduring principles (not a complete list, simply some examples.) If you expand on an area for teaching a class, you are invited to submit that lesson for possible inclusion on the web site. This means that it will be a growing resource as people throughout the church add to it. It is somewhat interactive, and very much a 21st century product. Please help me get the word out....


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  • Deliverance

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